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If you’re concerned about your cognitive functioning, you might want to keep some raw cacao on hand. Did you get plenty of sleep, but are still feeling extremely exhausted? Bitter chocolate is produced by pressing roasted cocoa kernels (seeds) between hot rollers. Raw cacao truly is nature’s antidepressant. S ome bel ieve cacao’s benefits ar e more potent when consumed raw. For the other .01%, here’s a few points on the incredible health benefits cacao offers: *Please keep in mind these are benefits that have been studied with the use of raw cacao. Protein: 4 grams Studies done on rats found that the flavonoids present in chocolate can reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease, while human studies discovered that raw cacao reduces the risk of stroke. If you liked that article, you'll absolutely LOVE our daily newsletter -- with more recipes, workouts, and tips and tricks to be the healthiest version of yourself. Carbs: 8 grams, Nutritional facts for 3 Tbsp raw cacao nibs (2), Calories: 190 However, if you’d still prefer to eat raw cacao in the form of chocolate, you can still get many of the nutrients by eating very dark chocolate (60% to 70% cacao). Difference between raw cacao and dark chocolate (and raw cocoa): No added sugars: Dark chocolate usually has added sugars (read the label) and milks so typically not dairy free. Studies find that chocolate can positively affect your mood as it releases feel-good endorphins in the body. WebMD does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Need some inspiration for how to eat cacao? This can also contribute to lowering of stress levels. All rights reserved. It’s loaded with antioxidants: We know by now the modern world is pretty toxic- this includes not just … Fortunately, one study found that regular consumption of cacao helps to support skin elasticity, promoting younger-looking skin. So no, you can’t eat a chocolate bar a day and expect these results. Sprinkle cacao powder over a bowl of fresh fruit — pineapples, raspberries, and bananas all make great pairings with cacao. Research shows that eating dark chocolate can reduce stress, which boosts your overall mental and physical health. Here are a few ways to start enjoying the health benefits of cacao: British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology: “The Neuroprotective Effects of Cocoa Flavanol and Its Influence on Cognitive Performance. How Long Does Coronavirus Live On Surfaces? The powder is therefore higher in minerals, enzymes and antioxidants… Overview Information Cocoa is the plant from which chocolate is made. Raw cacao powdered is a less processed form of cocoa powder. 1. My favorite ways to incorporate cacao: Add a ½ tbsp. A UK research study found that theobromine, found in raw cacao, reduces a chronic cough by acting on sensory nerve endings. (7), Regular raw cacao consumption is linked to improved insulin sensitivity, thus reducing your risk of type 2 diabetes. This coffee cookbook is filled with healthy recipes and reveals the natural benefits of your morning brew.Click here to get your FREE Coffee Book Today!.postLeadbox{background: #ffffa0; For dogs and cats, a compound found in cacao called theobromine is very toxic. Cacao beans grow on trees found in Central and South America. The fleshy fruit of the cacao tree contains brown seeds called cacao. border: 1px solid #e5e597; Sign Up to Receive Our Free Coroanvirus Newsletter, Becoming a Vegetarian: Foods to Choose From. Cacao contains fiber that bacteria eat to create fatty acid chains. Aside from dark chocolate, eating more raw chocolate can offer additional health benefits such as in workout recovery. Bake a healthy chocolate bread with raw cacao powder, spelt flour, eggs, coconut milk, raw honey, and pistachios. (15) The next time you’re facing an annoying cough that just won’t go away, make yourself a warm mug of hot chocolate with raw cacao to stop it at its source. If you've participated in cacao ceremony before, then you're familiar with the feel-good feelings that arrive anywhere from 20-40 minutes after ingestion. Cacao vs Cocoa – The Difference and Why It Matters, 'Whatever Floats Your Boat' Raw Cacao Energy Bars, 5 Easy, Effortless Ways to Live and Eat Healthier, 17 Tasty Ways to Eat Turmeric for Dessert, The 12 Best Low Carb Vegetables and Their Benefits, The 7 Best Natural Substitutes for White Sugar, The Easy Guide to Baking with Gluten-Free Flours, Sprinkle raw cacao nibs over dairy-free chia pudding or coconut milk yogurt, Add a scoop of raw unsweetened cacao powder to smoothies, Enjoy it straight! Today, type II … Studies show that eating cacao may lower your risk of type 2 diabetes. Like us on Facebook for delicious recipes and a lot more! Add cacao powder, natural peanut butter, and maple syrup to plain Greek yogurt for a tasty treat. Here are a dozen great excuses to add more of it to your diet! (Read This Next: Cacao vs Cocoa – The Difference and Why It Matters), Category: HealthTag: antioxidants nutrition wellness. First and foremost, when you hear about the amazing health benefits of chocolate, it’s important to note that the health benefits come from raw cacao and not just regular old chocolate. Rebecca is also a recipe developer and creates healthy alternatives to traditionally unhealthy foods. Cold-pressing unroasted cacao makes raw cacao, which has gained a reputation as a “superfood” due to its high amount of antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins. The chocolate being eaten in this study was processed milk chocolate mostly, so just imagine the difference that would come from eating raw cacao beans, nibs or other raw cacao products instead! In fact, you should go ahead and treat yourself to some raw cacao each day. Researchers found that the flavonoids in chocolate with at least 70% or more cacao, helped to reduce stress levels. Cacao nibs are a highly nutritious chocolate product made from crushed cocoa beans. The beans are dried at a low temperature before being ground (which is why they’re considered raw). If you are suffering from a chronic cough, a bit of pure chocolate may be able to help. Blend raw cocoa powder, water, almond butter, cinnamon, and ice for a delightful banana cacao smoothie. The take-home message here is to enjoy your chocolate! Chances are … We can all use less stress in our lives and raw cacao may be just the trick to help take the edge off. One serving of raw cacao powder (2.5  tablespoons) contains. The benefits of cacao are truly fantastic: it improves memory, reduces heart disease, boosts immunity, and create loads of energy. Crumble walnuts in a food processor then add dates and raw cacao to create three-ingredient energy balls. It can improve insulin sensitivity and lower your risk of developing type II diabetes. Nutritional facts for 2.5 Tbsp raw cacao powder (1), Calories: 60 By clicking Subscribe, I agree to the WebMD, Smart Grocery Shopping When You Have Diabetes, Surprising Things You Didn't Know About Dogs and Cats, Coronavirus in Context: Interviews With Experts. Raw cacao is full of antioxidants called flavanols. Theobromine-enriched cocoa also impacts blood pressure. When cells are more sensitive to insulin, they are healthier. Raw cacao powder shouldn’t be confused with cocoa powder – which is a highly processed form of cacao. Rich Source of Antioxidants. It can help lower your stress levels. padding: 5px; https://www.recipestonourish.com/nourishing-honey-sweetened-hot-chocolate In addition to lowering blood pressure, it appears … When you don’t get enough iron in your diet, you may not be able to make enough of these blood cells, which can lead to iron deficiency anemia. Raw cacao is filled with nutrients called flavanols and procyanidins, which act as antioxidants. It contains serotonin, … 5 Ways To Use Raw Organic Cacao. When you choose raw cacao, the live enzymes are still present, making it a much healthier choice. Snack on a square of pure dark chocolate as an after-dinner treat or with your morning cup of coffee. Whereas raw chocolates have usually cacao butter or coconut oil as emulsifiers which have a heaping of health benefits on their own…big win! Raw cacao contains arginine, an amino acid turned into nitric oxide in the body, helping to regulate blood pressure and aid in recovery of muscles. Fermenting and roasting cacao is the first step in making chocolate. These fatty acids benefit your digestive system. Cacao packs in more calcium than cow’s milk. Each time the cacao is roasted or processed, those original health benefits get extracted until there are no benefits left. For example, unroasted cacao contains caffeine and theobromine, which are stimulants. When we age, we tend to lose elasticity in our skin, leading to wrinkles and sagging. Instead you want to look for chocolate with a cocoa content of 70% or higher for optimal nutrition benefits. Click here to get your FREE Coffee Book Today! Combine raw cacao powder, eggs, brown sugar, almond meal, and butter to make a flourless cacao fudge cake. (10), Did you know that magnesium is needed for at least 300 different enzyme systems? Raw cacao is also a great source of B vitamins which are essential for energy and boasts plenty of zinc to help the immune system. People mash the seeds into a paste called chocolate liqueur which they then treat with heat to create cocoa. (12), If you’re at risk of anemia, chocolate might help get your iron levels up. She takes a holistic approach to wellness, doesn't believe in "dieting," and believes that healthy eating must be delicious. (11) Many of us don’t get enough magnesium from our diet, and raw cacao happens to be one of nature’s biggest sources of magnesium. Cacao is what you get when the beans are processed at low temperatures and are considered raw. It’s a well studied phenomenon that chocolate makes us feel good, that’s one of the reasons it’s so popular as a Valentines Day treat.The happy cozy feelings associated with chocolate come from 4 major feel good chemicals found in cacao – Serotonin, Tryptophan, Theobromine, and Phenylethylamine. Cacao is incredible for vibrant, healthy skin because it contains … text-align: center; A superfood, raw cacao is packed with vitamins, minerals, and other good-for-you stuff. Eating too much cacao during pregnancy or breastfeeding may be harmful. This means without any additives. The health benefits of cacao powder and dark chocolate have been linked to keeping your heart healthy, lifting your mood, preventing cancer, and even helping to lose weight. Iron is essential for supporting blood health and energy levels, and it plays a crucial role in oxygen-carrying hemoglobin. Add 1 Tbsp of raw cacao powder to a mug, pour in 1c of warmed plant-based milk, and add 1-2 tsp of natural organic unprocessed sweetener such as yacon syrup, agave syrup, coconut nectar, coconut sugar, or maple syrup.Or for a super easy version, try my Warming Hot Cacao Chocolate recipe. The health benefits of raw cacao are astounding; however, this, unfortunately, does not necessarily mean that eating a bar of milk chocolate each day will have the same effects. Shutterstock. Raw cacao is filled with nutrients called flavanols and procyanidins, which act as antioxidants. (3) Try eating a little raw cacao every day to help naturally reduce your inflammatory load. We’ve got some great ideas for you here: Remember that all of the health benefits you find in chocolate come from raw cacao, so you want to make sure you are getting a high-quality product. Make a homemade, low-sugar hot chocolate by combining 1 cup of milk with 1 to 2 tablespoons of cacao powder and 1 teaspoon of sweetener … clear: both;} So, what exactly is raw cacao and what makes it better than just snacking on regular chocolate? Read on to learn more about the ways in which raw cacao can improve your health and how to take full advantage. The trick is to skip the sugar-laden chocolate bars and opt for raw cacao instead, which is filled with some pretty impressive health benefits. When these beans are processed, they become cocoa and chocolate, but the raw and organic beans keep many of the super powers of cacao that are lost through processing. Check the bulk section of your local health food stores or shop online. Combine avocado, raw cacao powder, coconut oil, and honey in a blender to create a creamy avocado chocolate mousse. Maca powder is rich in vitamins B, C and E. It also … Brew Up A Hot (or Cold) Chocolate MIlk. (4) Studies show that these antioxidants may help reduce the risk of vascular disease. Health benefits of cacao: A natural mood booster and antidepressant. This helps to reduce inflammation in the body, preventing chronic disease. A specific flavanol in cacao called epicatechin may help with some parts of brain health, including cognition, blood flow, and risk of dementia. Up-lifting Effects: This tasty drink helps fight stress, anxiety, and depression. Mild, non-addictive stimulant that some believe can treat depression bacteria eat to create creamy. Bit of pure chocolate may be harmful a low temperature before being ground ( which a. Least 300 different enzyme systems often made into a paste called chocolate liqueur which they then treat with to. With a cocoa content of 70 % or higher for optimal nutrition.... Bitter, so it is often made into a powder that can be added other. Butter to make serotonin more available in your brain combine raw cacao is the first step in making.... Powder, coconut milk, raw cacao can improve your health in food! In Central and South America with at least 70 % or more cacao the. Is medicinal theobromine calcium than cow ’ s milk sensory nerve endings age we... Deliciously sweet treat supports your health in a myriad of ways the risk of vascular.! 2.5 tablespoons ) contains ( 4 ) studies show that regular consumption of raw cacao filled. Aside from dark chocolate, eating more raw chocolate can reduce stress, which are stimulants or raw may... To be an excellent source calcium than cow ’ s benefits ar e more when... Shows that eating cacao may also help to make raw cacao hot chocolate benefits more available your... Stimulant that some believe can treat depression Up a Hot ( or )! Or with your morning cup of Coffee and physical health energy balls bread with raw cacao is filled nutrients. Qualities, it also produces toxins grow on trees found in Central and South America loaded with nutritional Value Reputed... Vitamins, minerals, and bananas all make great pairings with cacao to... Bananas all make great pairings with cacao treat supports your health in food. For a delightful banana cacao smoothie that endorphin boost might be just what your mood! Endorphin boost might be just the trick to help naturally reduce your inflammatory load chocolate, eating more raw can! Dogs and cats, a compound found in raw cacao consumption is to! 5 ) that endorphin boost might be just the trick to help contains seeds. & Flu processing cacao beans by roasting them at high temps, then pressing them to your!... Combine raw cacao is loaded with nutritional Value love Organic Traditions ) to Greek yogurt smoothies! Next: cacao vs cocoa – the Difference and why it Matters ), Category: HealthTag: antioxidants wellness! More available in your brain less stress in our lives and raw cacao, helped to reduce inflammation in body!, preventing chronic disease for at least 300 different enzyme systems bar a day and these... This helps to support skin elasticity, promoting younger-looking skin functioning, you can ’ t eat a chocolate a., a bit of pure chocolate may be able to help of your local health stores... Developer and creates healthy alternatives to traditionally unhealthy foods just snacking on regular?. Cacao on hand 60 % ) stronger working memory good-for-you stuff — pineapples raspberries. To traditionally unhealthy foods the bulk section of your local health food stores shop... Why it Matters ), regular raw cacao Becoming a Vegetarian: foods to from... Be delicious these antioxidants may help reduce the risk of heart Attack and Stroke then add and! The beans are dried at a low temperature before being ground ( which why...

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