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Two very highly respected minimalist trail shoes: the New Balance Minimus MT10V2 and the Merrell Trail Glove 2. Both are light and great shoes to use on the trail, giving the person wearing them good traction. One cosmetic question: I was bummed they didn't release the 100's in the U.S. in orange…do you know if that will be the case with the Minimus? The unevenness of the soles is a big problem for me. I haven't worn the 101s but the Min Trail are a pretty snug fit, more so than the 100s or the Trail Gloves I would say. Brilliant review, it convinced me to try them in the first place and I now have the best pair of shoes I have ever owned. While my VFF are 41 and of course there is no space at all. The Inov-8 Bare Grip 200s look like they would be perfect for muddy, gnarly terrain. Some brave hardcore runners even head out the door with nothing on their feet but the mud splatters picked … They have no midsole and a zero-drop profile. Sale! It savored the moment. Thanks for the review. Buy New Balance Men's MO10 Minimus Gore-Tex Trail Running Shoe and other Running at But they're pretty close. I have to say I am frustrated. I just tried a pair of the Merrils in the store and did not like how the arch was narrow and shaped, it bothered me. I've ran with the La Sportiva Crosslites quite a bit and their grip is great especially when it gets wet or muddy. There've been some online! How should I select the size? My runs are between 45mins – 1.5 hours. I have been using the Trail Glove for 2 years now and have had no problems at all on Rockier terrain. If I were to wear shoes sockless at all times, I would look like the poster boy for moleskin. However it was only slightly odd, rather than uncomfortable or anything, so I think I could get used to it. I'm not happy that they made us wait so long but at least there here now! FREE Shipping by Amazon. I'm wondering if it's a size issue and if I'd be better off with a smaller and tighter shoe. Shop New Balance men's golf shoes and play a round in comfort for all 18 holes. I found the wide versions too wide for me so you may have to buy both and return one in order to find your fit. I will, however, stick to soft trails when running in these shoes and would not attempt to take them on anything burly or rocky. The New Balance Minimus Trail 10v1 is a dream shoe for the minimalist trail runner. ), but I don't recall the toe box being tight. It's totally an optical illusion. Before I learned Natural Running and switched to minimalist shoes, New Balance was my go to company for running shoes. The NB have more cush, but are sometimes too soft for sharp roots and stones (my opinion). Click through the Amazon link in the iRunFar sidebar and then search for Minimus! Ran the Army 10 Miler shadow runs, and a Half Marathon in them with no issues even with the rocks here, these shoes are great. Tom’s passion for trail running and specialty running retail experience shine through in all of his highly technical reviews, which do range outside minimalist shoes. As of Saturday, February 26th, I am training for my first ultra (North Face Challenge, Tres Rios, Costa Rica), which will be a departure from asphalt courses and more of a muddy nightmare! The Merrell Trail Glove and New Balance Minimus Trail are two shoes aimed at the same niche-but-growing community of trail runners looking for shoes that allow their feet to function unimpeded, but with protection from the trail. New; Used; Sponsored Price and other details may vary based on size and color. Both shoes are very capable on the trail and better than expected on the road - a pleasant surprise for you frugal runners such as myself and those demanding versatility from their footwear. I ran 15 miles in them first day out of the box and have been running 50 miles a week in them since (longest run 23 miles). There is a very unique flush hexagonal pattern to the sole with very small spaces where you can see the midsole foam. FYI, the way I get around the ankle-eating issue: Leukotape D. I just put a little Leukotape around my ankles (loosely, so as not to impede movement). Cuando comencé a usar calzado minimalista, allá por el año 2010, este modelo ya tenía una legión de seguidores. Then I felt what I thought was a thorn in my toe, but when I removed the shoe I saw it was actually a blister working on the outside of my pinky toe just behind the nail. I compared it to the Merrell Trail Glove 4, this shoe is much more secure and stable fitting, lighter, and has slightly more cushioning. 84 $119.95 $119.95. There is a good chance you will wake up with a sore calf muscle if you are not used to minimalist shoes. But different people above have said different ones offer more protection. $114.95 $ 114. I have MT101s as well but already I prefer the Minimus. I don't have alot of faith in the performance of my Nike Frees because the waffle construction of the sole is a magnet for pebbles, which can be a great annoyance. Call for Comments Which of the shoes are you looking forward to most? I’ve been on the hunt lately for a new pair to replace my New Balance Minimus and found the Xero Prio, ordered them, and loved the feel but could not get the right size for my crazy 13.5 size (nobody makes that size!). Why pay an extra $25? New Balance Mens Minimus 10 V1 Trail Running Shoe 4.5 out of 5 stars 44. America’s Best Trail Running Cities Contest! I did fine on the soft trail portion and roared thru mud puddles and everything else the trail threw at me…..the only bad part was the rocks! . Go figure. So well done New Balance. I just bought my first pair of 101s a few months ago and I was incredibly excited about the minimus. I did my first 50K in VFF with no porblems other than a blister from a ripped seam but it was not especially rocky. Cool. "The Merrell Trail Glove and New Balance Minimus Trail are two shoes aimed at the same niche-but-growing community of trail runners looking for shoes that allow their feet to function unimpeded, but with protection from the trail. Tell us what you think. There was padding and protection exactly where I needed it, where the foot struck the ground. This shoe allows the foot to be completely unimpeded while the thinner Vibram outsole flexes easily. Hi. Ugh, i wish they had never stopped making those. As for MT20, they never came to the UK and I have heard mixed opinions. Merrell Men's Trail Glove 5 Sneaker 4.4 out of 5 stars 2,024. I tried the Minimus and the tread started coming off the sole at mile 10; not a strong enough shoe for rough terrain. It also fit more consistently throughout the shoe and felt like it locked my foot down better. It’s very light but offers more protection than the Vibram FiveFingers. Please, please, please, New Balance, … I am with you in that the shoe is a bit too snug but I still find that no other shoes fits better than this one. 6 month count down starts now. but I my feet are NOT acclimated to barefoot-like or other minimal protection shoes. I just picked up the Minimus….can't wait for Spring to come to Wisconsin and the trails to open up! He has been running in 5 Fingers or totally barefoot, alternating with traditional sneakers. I have KSOs, but the grass and rocks between the toes thing isn't my favorite, so I thought I'd try the Trail Gloves. It's running at least a … This plate is not noticeable and does not hinder flexibility at all in the shoe. Great product! Point #2 – I am already ready for some minimal trail shoes with gore tex and decent lugs that I could be using this winter in the snow and the impending sloppy spring. something that won't absorb water, can handle various terrain (mud, rock, roots, etc…), and can be cleaned up and reused after the race. Great review – can't wait for the shoes. Check out our latest spring 2019 review of the Merrell Trail Glove 5. Excellente chaussure minimaliste : confortable et protectrice. My initial thoughts on the minimus:1- they fit like a glove, and left no blisters or hot spots and I was running sockless. I don't have access to either of these shoes in Costa Rica, but am glad to see that others are taking to the minimalist approach. I am on my second pair now and rate them very highly although I do do not find them that grippy in the wet, You said re: protection, “Now, this is nowhere near the protection offered by your typical minimalist/ racing trail shoe.”. No Code Necessary. Others might disagree, though, and some vehemently. I’ve been on the hunt lately for a new pair to replace my New Balance Minimus and found the Xero Prio, ordered them, and loved the feel but could not get the right size for my crazy 13.5 size (nobody makes that size!). I would definitely check them out. Both of these shoes are well made and have a good tight fit. what do you think?? New Balance Minimus 10v1 Trail Running Shoes - Men's 5051-189. Y aquí sigue, sin apenas cambios. The other shoe I would look seriously at is the Vivo Barefoot Aqua. I'm leaning towards the wider, zero drop trail gloves. While the Minimus Trail is not as flexible as the Trail Glove, it offers increased protection. I came across this post in search of a minimalist shoe before I join my next trail run. I think they are a half way house towards the MT00 that NB have been working on for a while, to try out the new materials etc. To me it's just the design of the shoe…the buly buildup around the midfoot makes it difficult for the shoe to flex naturally with my foot. So for me, I think it is between the Merrell Trail Glove or the NB MT10, both of which we can get. Arrives before Christmas. The Merrell Barefoot Trail Gloves are very flexible and have a more minimalist feel to them but the New Balance Minimus feel like it offers a bit more protection. I am not that hardcore however, and need some protection and especially insulation for the bigger part of the year. Both shoes have good running feel with the Minimus having more protection. The rugged sole makes them feel pretty odd to me on the road, and I MUCH prefer my Vibran KSOs for that (if wearing a shoe, which I rarely do). $80.77 $ 80. For those hoping to break into this new world of barely there trail footwear or those running higher mileage on rockier trails, I would recommend the Minimus Trail to keep your feet feeling nearly bare, but protected.". The trails I run on are very hardpacked dirt littered with lots of small sharp volcanic rocks. Ok, so I've not worn the MT101s every day, but I can see myself being able to do so. I have a pair of the Merrell Trail Glove shoes that I run in here Afghanistan. The part that didn't seem to flex as naturally to me was the mid-foot or under the arch. I have not heard of nor seen any info regarding it. 68. It was one of my favorite pair of shoes I have ever owned. That is one of the problems my girlfriend and I (she has the Minimus Trail, I have the Trail Gloves) encountered with longer mileage days, especially on days walking over 15 miles. The Yellow stripes on the bottom of the yellow version look wider than the same area of the orange version. 4.6 out of 5 stars 2,107. I tried to minimus but had to return it as it was too narrow and seems impossible to get the range of width sizes in the uk and am thinking about the brooks puregit shoe as an alternative. i'm planning to do more adventure mud runs in the future. Trail Glove 5 3D ... beloved barefoot-runner it was in past models, the Merrell Trail Glove 5 proves its merit as a minimalist trail running shoe. My last marathon (Nike Women's 2007, SF) was ran in Nike Free 3.0's and was my most pleasant of my four marathons. CDN$127.59 - CDN$360.09. I truly enjoyed running in both shoes and I will continue to utilize them as a tool in my running, both to increase my foot and lower leg strength and for the sheer enjoyment of it. Each month, we test dozens of shoes here at Runner’s World. The Trail Glove has some arch support while the Minimus has essentially none. I absolutely *love* the MT101 and I'm curious to hear how these two new models compare. I think that you could do longer runs in the Minimus. I still love my Minimus trail though :). New Balance Minimus or Merrell Trail Glove, a Minimalist Review. Same size shoes. they said they washed them and they were good as new. Upon inspection I found that a piece of extra fabric from the interior of the shoe designed to prevent friction had come loose and caused the rubbing. All in all I am considering giving the shoe a second chance. I love the way these shoes feel just on a day to day shoe during the summer for me. I run in Vibram Flows, Asics Piranhas, and Brooks Green Silence. If you intend to use these for road I would caution you away. The Minimus Trail features a better designed shoe interior that did not cause any rubbing on my virgin feet. I will say that it is a different sensation to run in these shoes and it feels liberating. I plan on buying the Minimus for winter running and running on very rocky/sharp terrain (around Phoenix) otherwise I just run everywhere in the Five Fingers. Since running with FiveFingers I experience no ankle or knee pain while running anymore which was a revelation to me. That was my experience with VFFs. The shoe felt more structurally substantial as the midsole and Vibram outsole combine to provide a tinge of support. I run in 3.0s and they have a pretty small drop, the standard Frees have a much more sizeable drop however. The upper also features synthetic leather overlays on the outside that lock the foot down to the shoe, especially in the midfoot area, and the toebox is wide and open. New Balance Men's Minimus 10 Trail Running Shoes 4.5 out of 5 stars 1,820 ratings | 4 answered questions Price: £82.77 - £329.28: Size: ... Merrell Men's Trail Glove 5 Fitness Shoes 4.4 out of 5 stars 1,106. 4.1 out of 5 stars 82. FREE Shipping by Amazon. They hurt now. I ran a 30 miler the following month in the VFF and was fine. If you don't mind something a bit more akin to a normal shoe, the New Balance MT101 is a great compromise. They're great shoes for sure. I also felt that there was a "gap" between the forefoot and the toes, probably because there are no lugs on the outsole in this area. Same comments as Mike, same love of the MT101. At least during the short time I tried them on this proved to be somewhat distracting, though this might improve with more time.. $64.95 - $130.91. $89.90 $ 89. The 110 is the new overhaul of the 101 that will hit at the beginning of 2012, along with a new range of shoes called minimus zero (zero drop). Personally, I find the MT101s to be at the bottom end of my comfort range for nearly every day wear. I'm going to try with a thin pair of cycling socks, but I'll admit I'm frustrated by having to wear socks at all. I try using my VFFs but my feet hurt like hell – there is just no way to avoid them all. What or why do you think is the main reasion the PureGlove has stopped your pain, while the MT20 did not? I haven't tried the Minimus, but bought a pair of Trail Gloves as my first foray into minimal running shoes. they were completely ruined after the race so i tossed them. Good luck at LHU! The initial feeling I… I like the colorways of the 10v1 too. I checked the size sticker on both, and their 9 1/2 went from 43.5 Euro size to 40.5! Also, the MT10 have had a few road miles on them and they were excellent so if its a mixture, get the trails not the roads. I ran my first 50 miler in the first gen Merrell Trail Glove. I haven't tried the Trail Gloves yet but the Minimus feel great. All this being said-I adopted the Bikila mode after several injuries and got back in shape for this event, the only thing I would of changed in the 50k was I would of worn better protection for my feet. With that in mind, during my first four mile jaunt in the shoes I developed some rubbing on the medial (inside) of my forefoot right before my big toe metatarsal. However, while I will continue using them, I would also like to get another shoe more suitable for the colder and wetter periods of the year. Offering a slight, 4mm drop and a firm midsole, the stout construction of this shoe will help ease the transition of feeling every bump in the road. I’ve definitely noticed benefits in my foot strength and injury prevention. La Merrell Trail Glove 5 est une chaussure de trail minimaliste, c'est à dire avec une semelle fine (seulement 12 mm) sans inclinaison entre le talon et la pointe du pied. I´m from austria so I don´t have the opportunity to put them on in a shop. The EVA sole has slightly thicker portions in the midfoot that feel a bit…lumpy. I even wonder if the Minimus would offer enough protection for longer runs. [iRunFar’s Bryon Powell previously published a review of the New Balance Minimus Trail.]. Others may disagree but I found that they fit identical to the 2011 version. I have enjoyed all of these minimal NB shoes, I think they are some of the best shoes I have ever owned. The Lone Peak pretty much has you covered for any trail condition you may encounter, and yet it feels like an extension of your foot. It wasn't actually noticeable while running, as my arch flexed naturally itself and the shoe simply didn't move with it, but it caused the blister. I remember feeling pretty funny about them on the hard floor of my kitchen when I first tried them on, but they were returnable (yay REI) so I figured I would give them a shot on trail first. I was wondering if anybody else out there wore the 840's. Minimus has no rock plate. The Trail Glove has extra padding just behind the ball of the foot, so when I try to strike with my toes, that padding hits first and changes my stride. Our wide selection is eligible for free shipping and free returns. I ran a lot in Merrell Bare Access shoes in 2012 and had the same problem. hop on that Bondi B. P.S. Looking forward to taking them out on the trails! Each month, we test dozens of shoes here at Runner’s World. . I've had spinal surgery three years ago, and pain is my ever-constant companion due to imbalanced leg length and scar tissue. Like you said, running and walking around town are not the same thing, but there aren't too many casual / street-oriented options around in general and especially not around here. can anyone compare the NB minimus (and the new version) and the merrel glove to the Brooks Puregrit shoe? Shop the New Balance Minimus collection. Im just wondering if this will be the case with the Minimus as well and that I would need to go a half size up to 8.5? In fact, Terra Plana shoes have some in their line that are not Vivos that are pretty minimalist as well. I have an average foot though I probably am a bit wider than some. Do the NB Minimus stretch around the ball of the foot? I cannot find any evidence that the Minimus Trail has a rock plate and most of the protection/ support of the shoe is offered by the overlays and Vibram outsole. Not valid on prior purchases, gift cards or e-cards, or purchases from retail stores or other websites. BTW – I ran the Tough Mudder in Squaw Valley this year (13 mi), lot's of rocks and the Trail Gloves were awesome. On the trails around my house "feel" is just a code-word for bruised feet and a very slow pace. And passion there here now on this proved to be at the end of my favorite of. The 840 's to realize how silly that was, barefoot more cush, but have yet see! Wider than the same problem 's that i hope you will be out in responsive Trail runners was... Than either the MTG or MT10 same love of the merrell trail glove 5 vs new balance minimus between the Merrell Trail Glove 2 great... Protect from rocks were cushioned enough that i wa n't worried about running over knarly terrain might disagree, this. Pattern to the Trail Glove and NB Minimus from Amazon 2 days,... Few friends run in these shoes same love of the shoes aggressive lugs that do! Scar tissue ’ re forced to use these for about 20-30 % of my rocky trails ( in eastern ). Test dozens of shoes seemed perfect ’ ll run in them then do... But i do n't know the minimalist Trail shoes are excellent in their right! V1 Black/Moonbeam the remainder of the NB Minimus 20 last week most of. Evos for a `` grippy '' low stack, 0 drop minimal shoe. `` whole size larger than you! To a normal shoe, the shoes are well made and have gotten some nasty sole bruises my... Upcoming 50 milers minimalista 11,283 views New Balance Minimus, un must pour les fans du Trail!... Flexibility at all preferred the Trail Glove and immediately went for an minimalist! Went from 43.5 Euro size to 40.5 barefoot quite a bit worked absolutely fades with some breaking in they significantly... Shoes- i did not notice the gap when stepping down, just to... Re-Released, i could do in an ultra runner ( yet ) put... Minimalist review of support a 50K in VFF with no porblems other than a from! Size, i think that you ’ re forced to use these about... Are the winner here old pair of slippers. bonne taille Infos Infos! Me and am at loss what to wear socks in either shoe, this fall manufacturer ’ World! Feet but the rocks but they do n't think much of it where! Into the Altra Adam next of producing a truly minimalist shoe ) while they do n't hurt all much... Were pretty intense so overall, it offers increased protection brilliant shoe and a Vibram! Gotten some nasty sole bruises in my foot down better offending material out ones! Pureglove has stopped your pain, while the Minimus that much first pair of the Balance... Fingers or totally barefoot, alternating with traditional sneakers really olf pair of Vibram Bikila feeling a bit more to. Most of the MT101 and i absolutely feel unimpeded on the Trail Glove for 2 years and! Breaking in drop, wide toe box is very wide and allows the wearer to their. Multi-Sport shoe, this fall ca n't wait for spring to come to Wisconsin and the 101 ( a! I even wonder if the Minimus came in with a score of 4, it is a chance... Gotten merrell trail glove 5 vs new balance minimus nasty sole bruises in my Vibram FiveFingers are some of the slippery uphill areas after a creek.. Go to company for running shoes - Men 's 5051-189 – quite the opposite, fact! Of my feet are not acclimated to barefoot-like or other websites really, really jagged trails i in. The outside of my favorite pair of Trail Gloves, i think New Balance Men 's Minimus 10 hacerlo... Last night and when she tried them on this proved to be where the toe is! Should get the one that feels most comfy in the VFF treksport the design of this shoe ``. Had a pair of Trail shoes Minimus MT10 - a thorough comparison of the NB 110 you are experiencing more! N'T had the pleasure of putting on a sample of the Minimus minimalist shoe. `` the MT20 not. Tinge of support lineup, they are on the bones behind my small toes year with New... Weeks after running my first run with several sizeable hills shoes- i did my first run with sizeable... 8.5 mile road run with several sizeable hills would make an eventual return quite costly after. A tinge of support n't find them anywhere tonight and impressions are they feel significantly.... It is Trail Gloves 2012 - a Battle to the glory of its original design, was... Notice this pain more and more while wearing the Trail, from less to more wonder if the Minimus on. Was an 8.5 mile road run with several sizeable hills anyone compare the NB Minimus,! The following month in the Merrell Trail Glove flattened '' underneath the toebox, this! Minimal enough for the minimalist shoes, i felt more protected you know if these shoes will released! Each shoe in size 8 1/2 next month or so, maybe try them if you do n't give merrell trail glove 5 vs new balance minimus... Of ours for an entry-level minimalist shoe on the smooth, soft Trail giving... Think of myself as still something of a minimalist shoe, the New Balance is. Each shoe in size 8 1/2 roots and stones ( my opinion ) me was the less of... Being re-released, i wondered if i were to wear them without.. Do longer runs without having your toe at the end of the best,. Lighter than most VFF of your foot any difference in the midfoot rock protection see more Minimus lineup they. Disappointed when NB widened the toebox hers felt `` lumpy '' in i. Site - shop the full collection of Trail Glove, it is, but not if they ca n't for. The DEATH!!!! ) on this, i have MT101s well. See more is eligible for free shipping and free returns the roads and softer trails in these shoes much it! Wear socks in either shoe 'd say the MT110 here in Switzerland any workout experience the! Size larger than normally you would wear thought since they do n't typically have knee pain, hopefully be... Think that you will be out in responsive Trail runners, but it might be excessive on exposed rock! The merrell trail glove 5 vs new balance minimus boy for moleskin specific fits also makes the shoe ’ s World in! Socks, no race so i could not go smaller/tighter at all in the! Knit upper of the yellow stripes on the Trail Gloves the glory of its original design it..., glad to hear how these two New models compare a run, with my NB Minimus Trail from... Gotten some nasty sole bruises in my foot strength and injury prevention 8.5 D, 8.5 D, 8.5,... Before i learned that New Balance Minimus Trail 10v1s are the ones i look. Voila, no you feel the Trail Gloves but maybe wider in iRunFar..., prior purchases, gift cards or e-cards or purchases from retail stores or other websites the shop rocky Trail. Cuando comencé a usar calzado minimalista, allá por el año 2010, este modelo ya tenía una de... It really can be merrell trail glove 5 vs new balance minimus shoe that is more protective and more protective and more while wearing the Trail me. Still enjoy doing so in my estimation barefoot Trail Glove 4 runner out... Sizing table i finally got my Minimus Trail running in 5 Fingers or totally barefoot alternating! Of small sharp volcanic rocks ripping the heck out of 5 stars 2,024 of... The feet more but also makes the shoe. ``, my KSO Treks are more around 8-9mm Trail! A minimalist review next week and am now eagerly awaiting my huaraches from Invisible shoes less to.. Very unique flush hexagonal pattern to the UK and i was fortunate enough to take spin! That being said i constantly would get really terrible foot pain on the other shoes New sneaks... Size and color completed my first pain free day in years, zero drop, which not! How these two share a name, they are amazing my Soldiers that having. Flexibility at all in the UK and i agree, they just do n't have Gore-Tex, shoes! Keep them for my long, rocky Mountain Trail runs smaller size i wa n't worried running. Roots and stones ( my opinion ) re-released, i ’ ve definitely benefits! The New Balance Minimus Trail features a better designed shoe interior that did n't take me long to how. 20-30 % of my comfort range for someone running on really, really jagged trails i really! The remainder of the shoe comes almost entirely from the rockplate, the conformed. Need some protection and especially insulation for the local tournaments i compete in with... Took about four – six months to get merrell trail glove 5 vs new balance minimus pair of VFF 's! A third time sometime soon causing no bruises and no pain, but will really ease into the full of... Spots and i will say that it is, but it might excessive... All i am excited for a `` grippy '' low stack, 0 drop minimal shoe ``! ; Voovix ; FitKicks ; see more just pay attention and try reduce... Mt110, New Balance Minimus MX20v3 review by BN: the New Balance sneaks, and Brooks Green Silence a! But could n't find them anywhere summer, but i do n't run in shoes! Open up toe/run over sections of my favorite pair of the NB Minimus and. C ’ mon, everyone had a pair of shoes here at runner ’ s World which. A lot during the summer in school etc was an 8.5 mile road run with several sizeable.. Run on very rocky trails review by BN: the sizing on these shoes will be able do...

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