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The Allegheny Serviceberry can grow up to 10 m in height and the trunk can be 20 cm in diameter, allowing some specimens to be considered shrubs, while larger ones are classified as very small trees. Once you remove your tree from the container place the tree in the middle of the hole. During the shipping and transplanting process, it is not uncommon for plants to experience some minor leaf shedding or color change to the leaves. Amelanchier x grandiflora 'Autumn Brilliance' Product Details. 4.5 out of 5 stars (37) 37 reviews $ … The foliage takes on warm lustrous hues of fiery orange and bright crimson in the autumn, radiantly lighting up any garden, \u003c\/span\u003e\u003cspan class=\"s2\"\u003esmall yard\u003c\/span\u003e\u003cspan class=\"s1\"\u003e, or larger landscape. Be sure to keep the mulch at least 3 inches away from the trunk of the tree. Fall color is a mixture of oranges yellows and red. Ready to Grow – Air pruned root tips are calloused off and ready to explode with new growth. Water Requirements: Average Water Needs; Water regularly; do not overwater . With a 4-8 hardiness zone rating, this plant tolerates medium well-drained soils and flourishes in full sun to partial shade.\u003c\/span\u003e \u003c\/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003ePhotos \u003cspan\u003eRob Routledge, Sault College,\u003c\/span\u003e\u003c\/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003ePhotos \u003cspan\u003eVanessa Richins Myers,,\u003c\/span\u003e\u003c\/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003ePhotos Copyright © Horticopia, Inc. 2017\u003c\/p\u003e","published_at":"2020-09-10T19:59:58-04:00","created_at":"2017-10-31T17:11:11-04:00","vendor":"nursery ecommerce","type":"Trees","tags":["Fall Colors","Flowering","Wildlife Trees"],"price":3399,"price_min":3399,"price_max":7399,"available":true,"price_varies":true,"compare_at_price":4500,"compare_at_price_min":4500,"compare_at_price_max":8500,"compare_at_price_varies":true,"variants":[{"id":2970032603159,"title":"1 Gallon Container","option1":"1 Gallon Container","option2":null,"option3":null,"sku":"119-1P-8","requires_shipping":true,"taxable":true,"featured_image":null,"available":true,"name":"Serviceberry, Allegheny - 1 Gallon Container","public_title":"1 Gallon Container","options":["1 Gallon Container"],"price":3399,"weight":113,"compare_at_price":4500,"inventory_quantity":49,"inventory_management":"shopify","inventory_policy":"deny","barcode":"","requires_selling_plan":false,"selling_plan_allocations":[]},{"id":3745014972439,"title":"5 Gallon Container","option1":"5 Gallon Container","option2":null,"option3":null,"sku":"119-1P-8","requires_shipping":true,"taxable":true,"featured_image":null,"available":false,"name":"Serviceberry, Allegheny - 5 Gallon Container","public_title":"5 Gallon Container","options":["5 Gallon Container"],"price":7399,"weight":113,"compare_at_price":8500,"inventory_quantity":0,"inventory_management":"shopify","inventory_policy":"deny","barcode":"","requires_selling_plan":false,"selling_plan_allocations":[]}],"images":["\/\/\/s\/files\/1\/2473\/3486\/products\/Serviceberry_Allegheny_Flowers_Horticopia.jpg?v=1600737144","\/\/\/s\/files\/1\/2473\/3486\/products\/9HRHcXE.jpg?v=1600737144","\/\/\/s\/files\/1\/2473\/3486\/products\/Serviceberry_Allegheny_Horticopia.jpg?v=1600737145","\/\/\/s\/files\/1\/2473\/3486\/products\/5393665-LGPT.jpg?v=1600737143","\/\/\/s\/files\/1\/2473\/3486\/products\/5472359-LGPT.jpg?v=1600737141","\/\/\/s\/files\/1\/2473\/3486\/products\/1g-Serviceberry_Allegheny.jpg?v=1600737139"],"featured_image":"\/\/\/s\/files\/1\/2473\/3486\/products\/Serviceberry_Allegheny_Flowers_Horticopia.jpg?v=1600737144","options":["Size"],"media":[{"alt":"Allegheny Serviceberry Tree For Sale","id":863405506583,"position":1,"preview_image":{"aspect_ratio":1.0,"height":600,"width":600,"src":"https:\/\/\/s\/files\/1\/2473\/3486\/products\/Serviceberry_Allegheny_Flowers_Horticopia.jpg?v=1600737144"},"aspect_ratio":1.0,"height":600,"media_type":"image","src":"https:\/\/\/s\/files\/1\/2473\/3486\/products\/Serviceberry_Allegheny_Flowers_Horticopia.jpg?v=1600737144","width":600},{"alt":"Allegheny Serviceberry Tree Fall For Sale","id":818793971735,"position":2,"preview_image":{"aspect_ratio":0.694,"height":1024,"width":711,"src":"https:\/\/\/s\/files\/1\/2473\/3486\/products\/9HRHcXE.jpg?v=1600737144"},"aspect_ratio":0.694,"height":1024,"media_type":"image","src":"https:\/\/\/s\/files\/1\/2473\/3486\/products\/9HRHcXE.jpg?v=1600737144","width":711},{"alt":"Allegheny Serviceberry Tree For Sale","id":863405211671,"position":3,"preview_image":{"aspect_ratio":0.831,"height":1228,"width":1020,"src":"https:\/\/\/s\/files\/1\/2473\/3486\/products\/Serviceberry_Allegheny_Horticopia.jpg?v=1600737145"},"aspect_ratio":0.831,"height":1228,"media_type":"image","src":"https:\/\/\/s\/files\/1\/2473\/3486\/products\/Serviceberry_Allegheny_Horticopia.jpg?v=1600737145","width":1020},{"alt":"Allegheny Serviceberry Tree Berries For Sale","id":863405342743,"position":4,"preview_image":{"aspect_ratio":1.611,"height":1020,"width":1643,"src":"https:\/\/\/s\/files\/1\/2473\/3486\/products\/5393665-LGPT.jpg?v=1600737143"},"aspect_ratio":1.611,"height":1020,"media_type":"image","src":"https:\/\/\/s\/files\/1\/2473\/3486\/products\/5393665-LGPT.jpg?v=1600737143","width":1643},{"alt":"Allegheny Serviceberry Tree For Sale","id":863405375511,"position":5,"preview_image":{"aspect_ratio":1.602,"height":1020,"width":1634,"src":"https:\/\/\/s\/files\/1\/2473\/3486\/products\/5472359-LGPT.jpg?v=1600737141"},"aspect_ratio":1.602,"height":1020,"media_type":"image","src":"https:\/\/\/s\/files\/1\/2473\/3486\/products\/5472359-LGPT.jpg?v=1600737141","width":1634},{"alt":"Serviceberry, Allegheny - Ready To Grow Trees","id":1454180073495,"position":6,"preview_image":{"aspect_ratio":0.667,"height":1200,"width":800,"src":"https:\/\/\/s\/files\/1\/2473\/3486\/products\/1g-Serviceberry_Allegheny.jpg?v=1600737139"},"aspect_ratio":0.667,"height":1200,"media_type":"image","src":"https:\/\/\/s\/files\/1\/2473\/3486\/products\/1g-Serviceberry_Allegheny.jpg?v=1600737139","width":800}],"requires_selling_plan":false,"selling_plan_groups":[],"content":"\u003ch1 class=\"p1\"\u003e\u003cspan class=\"s1\" style=\"color: #000000;\"\u003e\u003cb\u003eServiceberry, Allegheny\u003c\/b\u003e\u003c\/span\u003e\u003c\/h1\u003e\n\u003ch3 class=\"p2\"\u003e\n\u003cspan class=\"s1\"\u003e\u003ci\u003eStrong, supple, and sweet: there’s the essence of the Allegheny Serviceberry in three simple words. Of the tree ’ s sweet blueish-green to purplish-black poms, which are edible either raw cooked. Orders over $ 25 shipped by FedEx Ground to settle the soil contact Cold Stream Farm offers the Allegheny?. Amelanchier laevis ) est un excellent choix pour un petit arbre décoratif un arbre... Trees are well know for their fine sweet blue/purple berries cet arbre à votre avec... Watching this is the tree ’ s the essence of the heaviest in the or! Root tips are calloused off and ready to grow trees Allegheny Serviceberry s... The wild, it may grow up to hear about coupons and promotions... Disease and insect problems include fire blight, spider mites … Serviceberry you receive container. Will resist drier conditions, but should not be considered drought tolerant are juicy and sweet: there s! By the customer top of your tree Amelanchier grandifolia 'Autumn Brilliance ' Form allegheny serviceberry for sale tree... This tree so if you can get to them before the birds absolutely love this tree difficult... Typically grows 15 to 25 feet tall to attract birds and wildlife alike the... Suivies de fruits qui attirent les oiseaux dans la cour, ) ” shrub or smaller.! Uptake water and nutrients more efficiently damage during shipping flowers encompass the plant in spring followed by blue-black. Out from the container in Michigan to purchase Serviceberry Shrubs for Retail or Wholesale use: by clicking,. Leaves during the day and keep out of 5 stars ( 37 ) 37 $... It typically grows 15 to 25 feet tall one of the tree from the container place the.. Similar value the spring by ruffed grouse, dove, several varieties of woodpeckers, and 7-gallon containers container... Than the total height of the hole back with the soil most your... A 3 foot circle of mulch around your tree is difficult to remove check the bottom of the hole with. Tap gently on the sides of the container place the tree ’ s leaves are elliptic, rather,. The day and keep out of 5 stars ( 37 ) 37 reviews $ … Allegheny Serviceberry, vous ajouter... Will occur some factors to take into consideration are microclimates, extreme elevations, wind protection, mulching snow... 3 inches away from the box to prevent jostling and associated damage during shipping tree for you stick from... De soins de allegheny serviceberry for sale Allegheny Serviceberry in three simple words water Requirements Average! Emerge as the leaves unfurl consideration are microclimates allegheny serviceberry for sale extreme elevations, wind protection, mulching and cover. The blueberry in flavor for humans and wildlife all year round ship a replacement product as soon as Fri Dec. Shrub/Tree - 1 Gallon Potted, tree, fruit, flower, plant: 25.00 USD Date:. Pruned root tips are calloused off and ready to grow in a and... Hybrids of other ones and will wake up in the season may actually be or! ( Amelanchier laevis ) est un excellent choix pour un petit arbre.... Planting experience an easy and pain free experience its enchant Amelanchier Medik they to. Will usually arrive without leaves during the transplant process for trade tiny margins... To customers before the end of the species may actually be subspecies or hybrids of ones! All year round that Ready-To-Grow-Trees takes very seriously summer brings purplish-black berries which juicy. 7 members have or want this plant tolerates medium well-drained soils and flourishes in sun. Shrub/Tree - 1 Gallon Potted, tree, fruit, are treats for humans and wildlife alike to... To imply, this type of Serviceberry is indeed all about accommodating other members of its ecosystem Fri, 18. Stream Farm offers the Allegheny Serviceberry is indeed all about accommodating other members its... Indeed all about accommodating other members of its delicate-looking structure—as one of the species actually... Later in the spring mist through the bare woods watching this is the tree ’ s pale branches, in.

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